Problem on appending new identifier on EventManager #3685

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The source code of EventManager::addIdentifier() shows , it can not append new identifier when using array or Traversable type argument.
Sample Code:
$events = new Zend\EventManager\EventManager('testIdentifier');

Expected to return
array (size=2)
0 => string 'testIdentifier' (length=14)
1 => string 'anotherIdentifier' (length=17)

but actually return
array (size=1)
0 => string 'testIdentifier' (length=14)

It shouldn`t use '+' operator in EventManager::addIdentifier() when merge two array together and instead using array_merge function


This is what happens:

    $events = new Zend\EventManager\EventManager('testIdentifier');

    // you will get this:
    // array(size=1)
    //   0 => string 'testIdentifier' (length=14)

    // then you try to add another identifier as an array with the same key (0)
    $events->addIdentifiers(array(0 => 'anotherIdentifier'));
    // internally will happen:
    // array(0 => 'testIdentifier') + array(0 => 'anotherIdentifier')
    // and will result in
    // array(0 => 'testIdentifier')

I'm not sure, but it seems to me that the keys doesn't really matter, in this case array_merge() would be the solution.

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@iquabius iquabius fix for issue #3685 25957e6

This was fixed with #4022

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[ZF3] Clean event manager #5399

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