when use form inputFilter getMessages return empty #5164

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wohugb commented Sep 24, 2013

If there have not riquried elments,when required elements are ok, $form->isValid() return false,but $form->getMessages() return empty!


Ocramius commented Sep 24, 2013

@wohugb this is the issue tracker for ZF. If you are encountering difficulties and didn't yet identify the problem as a ZF bug, then please don't post an issue, and instead ask on IRC or the mailing list or stackoverflow.


ThaDafinser commented Mar 6, 2014

@wohugb @Ocramius i think i know what's that problem....

namespace MyModule\Form;

use Zend\Form\Fieldset;
use Zend\Form\Element;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilterProviderInterface;

class SomeFieldset extends Fieldset implements InputFilterProviderInterface

    public function init()

        $id = new Element\Hidden('id');

    public function getInputFilterSpecification()
        $filter = array(

            'id' => array(
                'required' => false

            'description' => array(
                'required' => true

        return $filter;

If will fail, because you say "description" is required (but not available).
Since the form cannot apply the error to an element, the message is empty...

-> Had that error also some time ago (is really hard to fine out, when you dont know how to search for this)


adamlundrigan commented Oct 22, 2015

Duplicate of #4017. See this comment over there for rationale of why it's closed as not an issue.

@Maks3w this can be closed

@Maks3w Maks3w closed this Oct 22, 2015

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