[2.1] Form File Upload refactor #2439

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- The initializer for ServiceManagerAwareInterface was removed to prevent
confusion between ServiceManagerAwareInterface and
ServiceLocatorAwareInterface, and to promote using the latter interface.
+- File upload functionality has been rewritten and moved out of Zend\File
+ into Zend\Form and Zend\InputFilter. File elements are now
+ specified and handled with Zend\Form just like any other form element.
+- File upload progress functionality has been moved out of Zend\File into
+ specific classes under Zend\ProgressBar\Upload based on the type of
+ handler (APC, UploadProgress module, and Session progress in PHP 5.4).
+- New form elements under Zend\Form\Element\File for the various upload
+ progress identifiers.
+- New Zend\Filter\File\RenameUpload filter for securely moving uploaded
+ files.
+- New Zend\Mvc\Controller\Plugin\FilePostRedirectGet plugin for file
+ upload forms.
## 2.0.2:
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