[hotfix/ZF-11171] Zend_Translator_Adapter_Gettext #277

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thomasweidner commented Jul 27, 2011

  • added fclose

thomasweidner added some commits Jul 27, 2011

[hotfix/ZF-9289] Zend_Filter_InputFilter
- setting ALLOW_EMPTY should not ignore specific NotEmpty rules

weierophinney commented Aug 24, 2011

The logic in Zend\Translator\Adapter for iterating directories is broken. The $ignore option passed to RecursiveRegexIterator instantiated at line 269 should be a valid regex. However, it ends up being "//./u" on unix-based systems. You should likely use a different regex pattern delimiter ("#" is often a good choice when directory separators are used).

Currently, this causes the tests GettextTest::testOptionLocaleDirectory and GettextTest::testOptionLocaleFilename to fail. Please correct, and update this request when fixed.



thomasweidner commented Aug 26, 2011

Are you sure this problem is related to this patch? Here only @fclose has been added. The base adapter has not changed
The issue ZF2-43 which you are referring to will be addressed by another pull request


weierophinney commented Aug 29, 2011

Well, it's impossible to verify that the new functionality does not cause broken tests due to the failing regex. If you can fix that, too, I'd appreciate it.


thomasweidner commented Aug 29, 2011

You already have an pull request for ZF2-43 where this problem has been adressed. Just pull it :-)
Afterwards you should have no unittest problems anymore and can pull this one.


weierophinney commented Aug 30, 2011

Pulled following the PR for ZF2-43, and everything runs as expected -- thanks! Merged and pushed to master.

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