Additional MVC Translator BC fixes #5692

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  • Made MVC translator a proxy (added __call method)
  • Added a getTranslator() method to the MVC translator
  • Inject the Zend\I18n\Translator\TranslatorInterface service into the service manager if the MVC translator factory creates a new i18n Translator instance.

This PR also adds unit tests for both the MVC translator and its associated factory.

weierophinney added some commits Jan 7, 2014
@weierophinney weierophinney Make MVC translator a proxy
- Added `__call()` implementation to proxy unknown method calls to the
  underlying translator instance.
- Added a `getTranslator()` method to allow direct access to the
  underlying translator instance.
- Added unit tests for the above functionality.
@weierophinney weierophinney Added tests for implementations
- Ensure MVC implementation is an i18n translator implementation
- Ensure MVC implementation is a validator translator implementation
@weierophinney weierophinney Added tests for TranslatorServiceFactory
- Tested all behaviors
- Added a behavior: inject the i18n TranslatorInterface service if
  created via the Translator::factory

Ping @dstockto - this PR is what will fix your issues.

@DASPRiD DASPRiD commented on the diff Jan 7, 2014
+ *
+ * @link for the canonical source repository
+ * @copyright Copyright (c) 2005-2014 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (
+ * @license New BSD License
+ */
+namespace ZendTest\Mvc\I18n;
+use PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase as TestCase;
+use Zend\Mvc\I18n\Translator;
+class TranslatorTest extends TestCase
+ public function setUp()
+ {
+ $this->i18nTranslator = $this->getMock('Zend\I18n\Translator\Translator');
DASPRiD Jan 7, 2014 Member

Shouldn't you mock the interface instead here?

weierophinney Jan 7, 2014 Member

I didn't mock the interface as, later, in one of the test methods, I mock one of the method calls (setLocale).

DASPRiD commented Jan 7, 2014

Apart from the CS failues, this looks good. Approved for merging.

@weierophinney weierophinney merged commit 1ce0cc2 into zendframework:develop Jan 7, 2014
@weierophinney weierophinney deleted the weierophinney:hotfix/mvc-translator-proxy-methods branch Jan 7, 2014
@DASPRiD DASPRiD was assigned Jan 7, 2014
dstockto commented Jan 8, 2014

@weierophinney The new code did not fix the issue without code changes in the application, but putting
'factories' => [
'Zend\I18n\Translator\TranslatorInterface' => 'Zend\I18n\Translator\TranslatorServiceFactory',

in my service_manager config did get it to go back to working and translations are working again with no more fatal error.

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