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Commits on Sep 24, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Created Archives module

    weierophinney authored
    - Allows serving individual list archives by sub-url
    - Fixes issues that were in v1 of website
    - Fixes 404 conditions from
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    2.0.2 release announcements

    weierophinney authored
    - Added new version to config
    - Wrote blog post
    - Linked to blog post from front page
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
  1. @weierophinney
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Rollback google CSE

    weierophinney authored
    - Evidently, API key was not valid for > 100 searches per day
  2. @weierophinney

    Implemented Search module

    weierophinney authored
    - Uses google custom search API, and provides:
      - Service for querying the API
      - Paginator for results returned from the API
    - SearchController simply displays a form, and, if any results are
      present, the list of results and a paginator
    - API keys _MUST_ _NOT_ be checked into the zf-web repo!
Commits on Sep 6, 2012
  1. @weierophinney
Commits on Sep 5, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    [zen-18] license

    weierophinney authored
  2. @weierophinney
  3. @ralphschindler
  4. @weierophinney

    [zen-28] Refactored blog paths

    weierophinney authored
    - All paths go under public/blog/ now
  5. @weierophinney

    Fixed sorting issue in release model that led to invalid results

    weierophinney authored
    - when calling getCurrentStableVersion()
  6. @weierophinney

    Minor tweaks

    weierophinney authored
    - Linked about page in footer
    - Added entries for ZF1 and ZF2 faqs in footer
    - Removed "start" route
    - Added default config for manual, with explanation of format
  7. @ezimuel

    About page

    ezimuel authored
  8. @weierophinney

    Added path for local configuration

    weierophinney authored
    - Refers to checkout of zfweb-config-local on server
  9. @weierophinney

    Cleanup of documentation instructions

    weierophinney authored
    - Modified global manual config file so that the base paths for ZF1 and ZF2 have
      distinct variables.
    - Modified documentation to point to that file and those variables.
  10. @weierophinney

    Reverted "get started" page

    weierophinney authored
    - Already had this setup, though under the url "/downloads"
  11. @ezimuel

    Added the Get Started page

    ezimuel authored
  12. @weierophinney

    [zen-21] ML archives

    weierophinney authored
    - Also added:
      - IRC
      - How to subscribe
    - Updated all footer links
    - Contact form now uses a sidebar relevant to the various contact pages
Commits on Sep 4, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Merge branch 'feature/site-2.0-participate' of…

    weierophinney authored
    …phschindler/zf-web into feature/site-2.0-participate
  2. @ralphschindler
  3. @weierophinney

    [zen-17] ZF1 changelog

    weierophinney authored
    - ZF1 changelog fetch from JIRA
    - Render ZF1 changelog
  4. @weierophinney

    Created global configuration for ZF1/ZF2 manual paths

    weierophinney authored
    - Setup production paths; calculated based on version and language.
  5. @weierophinney

    [zen-16] security section

    weierophinney authored
    - Security section of website, including all advisories
  6. @weierophinney

    Fix child routes options

    weierophinney authored
    - Fixed location in config of child routes
Commits on Sep 3, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Basic layout for downloads complete

    weierophinney authored
    - Includes ZF1/ZF2 downloads
    - Styling is "ok"
    - TODO: infocard, amf, and gdata downloads
    - TODO: documentation downloads
  2. @weierophinney

    Initial view scripts for Downloads

    weierophinney authored
    - landing page
    - sidebar
    - Fix to controller to ensure release model is imported
    - added routes
Commits on Aug 30, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'ezimuel/feature/manual-2.0'

    weierophinney authored
  2. @ezimuel
Commits on Aug 29, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Configured phly-contact

    weierophinney authored
    - Created application configuration, including template overrides and
      defaults for transport and captcha
    - Created templates and stylesheets
      - Renamed the "contact" id in the footer to "contact-menu" to prevent
        conflicts with the form
  2. @weierophinney

    Moved posts to top-level data directory

    weierophinney authored
    - Updated config accordingly
    - Added comment to ZfSiteBlog\Module::getServiceConfig() detailing
      what is being done and why
    - Regenerated blog pages
Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Working blog module

    weierophinney authored
    - Fixed console app
      - creates constant ZFSITE_CONSOLE
      - sets allow_override flag on service manager through bootstrap
      - combination allows modules to overwrite services during bootstrap if
        console is detected (was necessary so that the blog compilation used
        HTTP views)
    - Automated layout to select single column if no sidebar is present
    - ZfSiteBlog module class:
      - Created site-specific view rendering and cleanup routine
      - override view, request, response, etc. when in console mode to use
    - Removed unneeded imports from all posts
    - Site-specific blog markup, styles,  and JS
  2. @weierophinney

    Configuration for blog

    weierophinney authored
    - Added empty array for ZfSiteBlog module (for now)
    - Enabled PhlyCommon, PhlyBlog, and ZfSiteBlog in application
  3. @weierophinney

    Added blog view layer

    weierophinney authored
    - Added configuration for blog
    - Added Module class for blog
    - Added Disqus view helper
    - Added all view scripts
    - Added public assets (js and css)
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Created PageController module

    weierophinney authored
    - Simple controller implementation -- checks to see if given page
      resolves (after giving it a prefix), and, if so, sets that as the
      template for the returned view model.
    - Provided initial static page for "participate" overview, mapping to
      "/community". Includes a sidebar.
Commits on Aug 24, 2012
  1. @weierophinney

    Initial site structure for v2.0 of site.

    weierophinney authored
    - Started with ZendSkeletonApplication
    - Added modules we know we'll be using to composer.json and installed
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