Please add the Scottish Gaelic (gd) locale to Zend_Locale #27

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Jira Information

Original Issue:ZF-12454
Issue Type:Improvement
Assignee:Thomas Weidner


Please add gd.xml to the Zend Framework, which is in CLDR version 22:

Also, the language 'gd' is described as 'Gaelic' in Zend_Locale_Data_Translation, whereas the label in en.xml is Scottish Gaelic:

zfbot commented Apr 5, 2013

(Originally posted by: njh on 10/24/12)

CLDR ticket here:

zfbot commented Apr 5, 2013

(Originally posted by: akrabat on 11/06/12)

If you could sign the CLA ( and provide a patch, I'm happy to review it.

zfbot commented Apr 5, 2013

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froschdesign commented Apr 25, 2013

We need a upgrade to CLDR 23.

It is related to: #82

froschdesign was assigned Apr 29, 2013


froschdesign commented Jun 28, 2013

Fixed with #112

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