Swaped values when using Zend_Date::get() with Zend_Date::YEAR or Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT #50

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Original Issue: ZF-12510
Issue Type: Bug
Reporter: Mário Pereira
Created: 01/18/13
Components: Zend_Date


When trying to retrieve the year part of a Zend_Date, the constants Zend_Date::YEAR and Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT return each others value.

Code sample:

$today = new Zend_Date(); // assume it is 2013-01-18 11:00:00
$year = $today->get(Zend_Date::YEAR); // $year should be "2013", it is "13"
$shortYear = $today->get(Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT); // $yearShort should be "13", it is "2013"


(Originally posted by: froschdesign on 01/18/13)

Hi Mário,
I can not reproduce your problem. All unit tests are okay.

Here is a test for your example:

public function testDateShouldMatchLongAndShortYear()
    $date = new Zend_Date('31.12.2007');

    $this->assertEquals('2007', $date->get(Zend_Date::YEAR));
    $this->assertEquals('07', $date->get(Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT));

Result: OK


(Originally posted by: Mário Pereira on 01/18/13)

You are right, there was a piece of information missing that I overlooked.

This behaviour only occurs when you set the 'format' option of Zend_Date to 'php'. I was setting it in the bootstrap and overlooked it in the test code I supplied.

I created an empty project just to test this and found the following: if I use Zend_Date::setOptions(array('format_type' => 'php')), then I get the results I said above. If I do not set that Zend_Date option, then the calls to get work as expected.

// no call to Zend_Date::setOptions();
$today = new Zend_Date();
$year = $today->get(Zend_Date::YEAR); // returns full 4 digit year
$shortYear = $today->get(Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT); // returns 2 digit year


Zend_Date::setOptions(array('format_type' => 'php'));
$today = new Zend_Date();
$year = $today->get(Zend_Date::YEAR); // returns 2 digit year
$shortYear = $today->get(Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT); // returns full 4 digit year

Is this an expected behaviour? I've been browsing the documentation and it does not say anything about Zend_Date::get() behaviour changing with or without this option.


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Looking at the zend framework source code this is the expected behaviour.

In your second example when the get method is called on an instance of Zend_Date with an option of

format_type => php

the first argument that is parsed to the class method get is expected to be a date in the php date format
http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php which is converted to iso format. See code snippet below.
Looking at the tests for the Date class also confirms this.

public function get($part = null, $locale = null)
} else if (self::$_options['format_type'] == 'php') {
    $part = Zend_Locale_Format::convertPhpToIsoFormat($part);
return $this->date($this->_toToken($part, $locale), $this->getUnixTimestamp(), false);

So in the first example
Zend_Date::YEAR which equals y is left as y in the get method and
Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT which equals yy is left as yy in the get method

but in the second an example when $_options['format_type'] == 'php'
Zend_Date::YEAR which equals y is converted to yy in the get method and
Zend_Date::YEAR_SHORT which equals yy is converted to yyyy

Therefore in my opinion this is not a bug but the valid output. It is the expected behaviour.

The documentation could perhaps be updated.

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