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Zend\Filter\File\RenameUpload can be used to rename or move an uploaded file to a new path.

Supported Options

The following set of options are supported:

  • target (string) default: "*"

    Target directory or full filename path.

  • overwrite (boolean) default: false

    Shall existing files be overwritten?

    If the file is unable to be moved into the target path, a Zend\Filter\Exception\RuntimeException will be thrown.

  • randomize (boolean) default: false

    Shall target files have a random postfix attached? The random postfix will be a uniqid('_') after the file name and before the extension.

    For example, "file.txt" will be randomized to "file_4b3403665fea6.txt"

  • use_upload_name (boolean) default: false

    When true, this filter will use the $_FILES['name'] as the target filename. Otherwise, the default target rules and the $_FILES['tmp_name'] will be used.

  • use_upload_extension (boolean) default: false

    When true, the uploaded file will maintains its original extension if not specified.

    For example, if the uploaded file is "file.txt" and the target is something like "mynewfile", the upload will be renamed to "mynewfile.txt".


Be very careful when using the use_upload_name option. For instance, extremely bad things could happen if you were to allow uploaded .php files (or other CGI files) to be moved into the DocumentRoot.

It is generally a better idea to supply an internal filename to avoid security risks.

RenameUpload does not support an array of options like the``Rename`` filter. When filtering HTML5 file uploads with the multiple attribute set, all files will be filtered with the same option settings.

Usage Examples

Move all filtered files to a different directory:

Rename all filtered files to a new name:

Move to a new path and randomize file names:

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