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Styling and Translations

We’ve picked up the SkeletonApplication’s styling, which is fine, but we need to change the title and remove the copyright message.

The ZendSkeletonApplication is set up to use Zend\I18n’s translation functionality for all the text. It uses .po files that live in module/Application/language, and you need to use poedit to change the text. Start poedit and open module/Application/language/en_US.po. Click on “Skeleton Application” in the list of Original strings and then type in “Tutorial” as the translation.


Press Save in the toolbar and poedit will create an file for us. If you find that no .mo file is generated, check Preferences -> Editor -> Behavior and see if the checkbox marked Automatically compile .mo file on save is checked.

To remove the copyright message, we need to edit the Application module’s layout.phtml view script:

The page now looks ever so slightly better now!

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