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If you wish to contribute to Zend Framework, please be sure to read/subscribe to the following resources:

If you are working on new features, or refactoring an existing component, please create a proposal. You can do this in on the RFC's page,


To run tests:

  • Make sure you have a recent version of PHPUnit installed; 3.6.0 minimally.
  • Enter the tests/ subdirectory.
  • Execute PHPUnit, providing a path to a component directory for which you wish to run tests, or a specific test class file.

    % phpunit ZendTest/Http
    % phpunit ZendTest/Http/Header/EtagTest.php
  • You may also provide the --group switch; in such cases, provide the top-level component name:

    % phpunit --group Zend_Http

    This will likely lead to errors, so it's usually best to specify a specific component in which to run test:

    % phpunit --group ZF-XYZ Zend/Http
  • Alternately, use the run-tests.php script. This can be executed with no arguments to run all tests:

    % php run-tests.php

    You can also provide top-level component names to run tests for individual components or several components at a time. The component name is the the component namespace, without the Zend\ prefix:

    % php run-tests Mvc
    % php run-tests ModuleManager Mvc View Navigation

You can turn on conditional tests with the TestConfiguration.php file. To do so:

  • Enter the tests/ subdirectory.
  • Copy TestConfiguration.php.dist file to TestConfiguration.php
  • Edit TestConfiguration.php to enable any specific functionality you want to test, as well as to provide test values to utilize.
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