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Welcome to the Zend Framework 2.1 Release!

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Zend Framework 2.1.0

This is the first minor (feature) release for the version 2 series.

29 Jan 2013


Backwards Compatibility Break: Session Storage

The default session storage object has changed from Zend\Session\Storage\SessionStorage to an array adapter (Zend\Session\Storage\SessionArrayStorage; this is a minimal break in compatibility. Most developers are not working directly with the storage object, but rather a Zend\Session\Container; as a result, switching out the default will not cause compatibility problems for most developers.

The change was introduced to alleviate issues when working with 3rd party libraries that access nested members of the $_SESSION superglobal.

Those affected will be those (a) directly accessing the storage instance, and (b) using object notation to access session members:

    $foo = null;

    /** @var $storage Zend\Session\Storage\SessionStorage */
    if (isset($storage->foo)) {
        $foo = $storage->foo;

If you are using array notation, as in the following example, your code remains forwards compatible:

    $foo = null;

    /** @var $storage Zend\Session\Storage\SessionStorage */
    if (isset($storage['foo'])) {
        $foo = $storage['foo'];

If you are not working directly with the storage instance, you will be unaffected.

For those affected, the following courses of action are possible:

  • Update your code to replace object property notation with array notation, OR
  • Initialize and register a Zend\Session\Storage\SessionStorage object explicitly with the session manager instance.

Other updates in 2.1.0

Please see


Zend Framework 2 requires PHP 5.3.3 or later; we recommend using the latest PHP version whenever possible.


Please see


If you wish to contribute to Zend Framework, please read both the and file.


Online documentation can be found at Questions that are not addressed in the manual should be directed to the appropriate mailing list:

If you find code in this release behaving in an unexpected manner or contrary to its documented behavior, please create an issue in our GitHub issue tracker:

If you would like to be notified of new releases, you can subscribe to the fw-announce mailing list by sending a blank message to


The files in this archive are released under the Zend Framework license. You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.txt.


The Zend Framework team would like to thank all the contributors to the Zend Framework project, our corporate sponsor, and you, the Zend Framework user. Please visit us sometime soon at

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