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Fixed the phpunit examples (using an existing component and added a n…

…ot about the phpunit.xml file) and added a blank line to start a second list
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commit 598709d2b880752678231ecaca5508500cc082f8 1 parent 888f7b4
@coudenysj coudenysj authored
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@@ -34,12 +34,13 @@ To run tests:
- Make sure you have a recent version of PHPUnit installed; 3.5.0
- Enter the `tests/` subdirectory.
+ - Copy the `phpunit.xml.dist` file to `phpunit.xml`
- Execute PHPUnit, providing a path to a component directory for which
you wish to run tests, or a specific test class file.
- % phpunit ZendTest/Application
- % phpunit ZendTest/Application/Resource/CacheManagerTest.php
+ % phpunit Zend/Http
+ % phpunit Zend/Http/Header/EtagTest.php
- You may also provide the `--group` switch; in such cases, provide the
@@ -54,6 +55,7 @@ To run tests:
% phpunit --group ZF-XYZ Zend/Application
You can turn on conditional tests with the TestConfiguration.php file.
To do so:
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