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Commits on Jan 27, 2015
  1. @keradus
  2. @keradus
  3. @keradus
Commits on Dec 31, 2014
  1. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #7053 from keradus/lowercase_keywords

    Ocramius authored
    CS: PHP keywords MUST be in lower case
Commits on Dec 29, 2014
  1. @samsonasik
  2. @samsonasik

    .php_cs rule reverted

    samsonasik authored
Commits on Dec 28, 2014
  1. @samsonasik @Ocramius

    undo change join -> implode Zend/Db/Sql/Select.php

    samsonasik authored Ocramius committed
Commits on Dec 17, 2014
  1. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #7052 from keradus/encoding

    Ocramius authored
    .php_cs - add encoding fixer
Commits on Dec 16, 2014
  1. @keradus
  2. @keradus

    .php_cs - add encoding fixer

    keradus authored
  3. @keradus
  4. @keradus @Ocramius

    .php_cs - add method_argument_space fixer

    keradus authored Ocramius committed
  5. @keradus @Ocramius

    .php_cs - add parenthesis fixer

    keradus authored Ocramius committed
  6. @keradus @Ocramius

    CS: join to implode

    keradus authored Ocramius committed
  7. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #7028 from keradus/standardize_not_equal

    Ocramius authored
    CS: .php_cs - add standardize_not_equal fixer
  8. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #7026 from keradus/line_after_namespace

    Ocramius authored
    CS: There MUST be one blank line after the namespace declaration.
  9. @keradus @Ocramius

    CS: Removes line breaks between use statements.

    keradus authored Ocramius committed
  10. @Ocramius

    Merge pull request #7024 from keradus/multiple_use

    Ocramius authored
    CS: There MUST be one use keyword per declaration.
  11. @keradus @Ocramius

    CS: `return` instead of `return null`

    keradus authored Ocramius committed
Commits on Dec 13, 2014
  1. @keradus
  2. @keradus
  3. @keradus
Commits on Dec 11, 2014
  1. @keradus

    .php_cs - sort fixers

    keradus authored
  2. @keradus @Ocramius

    add and apply function_call_space fixer for PHP CS Fixer

    keradus authored Ocramius committed
Commits on Nov 14, 2014
  1. @Slamdunk
Commits on Sep 16, 2014
  1. @weierophinney
  2. @weierophinney

    Updated php-cs-fixer rules

    weierophinney authored
    - Path restrictions must be specified differently when you pass the path to a
      component via the CLI as an argument to php-cs-fixer; they become relative to
      the argument, not the project root.
Commits on Sep 15, 2014
  1. @weierophinney

    Allow running php-cs-fixer in parallel

    weierophinney authored
    A recent change in php-cs-fixer has led to massive performance issues, leading
    to timeouts of ZF2 builds. This change is a band-aid, and does the following:
    - Alters the php-cs-fixer configuration to remove the lines that excluded
      top-level paths, and added paths to test. This means you cannot just run
      "php-cs-fixer" in the root anymore; you **must** pass a directory in which to
      run the checks.
    - Alters the Travis-CI configuration to list the directories in which to run
      php-cs-fixer and pass them to the `parallel` command.
    The changes ensure that output will occur periodically. The checks run
    _somewhat_ faster, though the performance improvement is certainly less than
Commits on Aug 4, 2014
  1. @weierophinney

    Ignore some files/paths when running CS checks

    weierophinney authored
    - Recent changes to php-cs-fixer (see have led to errors being
      raised that should not. This change to the php-cs-fixer configuration places
      several new paths into the "do not test" list. They will be re-instated when
      the issues are fixed.
Commits on Mar 16, 2014
  1. @Maks3w
  2. @Maks3w

    [cs-fixer] Fix files to lookup

    Maks3w authored
Commits on Jan 4, 2014
  1. @Maks3w

    Forward port #5672

    Maks3w authored
  2. @Maks3w

    [cs] Exclude some component assets from cs check

    Maks3w authored
    Exclude assets which not follow PSR-0 standards
  3. @Maks3w

    [psr0] exclude ZendTest/Loader/TestAsset/Name_Space/Namespaced/Class.php

    Maks3w authored
    Exclude ZendTest/Loader/TestAsset/Name_Space/Namespaced/Class.php from PSR-0 checks.
Commits on Feb 6, 2013
  1. @weierophinney

    [#3684] Simplified .php_cs fixers declaration

    weierophinney authored
    - A constant exists for what I wanted... Thanks, @Maks3w
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