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Zend\Code\Scanner\FunctionScanner is incomplete #2480

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Jira Information

Original Issue: ZF2-301
Issue Type: Improvement
Reporter: adamlundrigan
Created: 05/14/12
Assignee: ralphschindler
Components: Zend\Code\Scanner


Could not forward-port fix for ZF-12155, as function scanning is not yet implemented in ZF2.


This issue was ported from the ZF2 Jira Issue Tracker at

Known GitHub users mentioned in the original message or comment:
@adamlundrigan, @ralphschindler


Still an issue?


Well, since its empty, I suppose we can remove the class altogether. I think that is what I am inclined to do until a PR comes in for an implementation.


@ralphschindler I'll be probably working on this in near future, but can't promise exactly when. In the meantime, removing it might help to avoid confusion, however there are some places where it's supposed to be used ( that should call down to, so raising some warning or throwing NotImplementedException would be better? I'm not familiar yet with approaches you guys use in ZF for such cases.


any progress on this ?


I have a piece of code that does very simple function parsing using PHP tokenizer, but I don't feel it's good enough to wrap it into PR in comparison to existing code. If there's interest in moving this feature forward, even in not perfect way, I may prepare pull request.


@Srokap would be preferrable to have MethodScanner either extended or moved into an abstract class, which then has 2 concrete implementations.


Closing, as nobody appears to be actively moving forward on the feature.

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