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formRow View Helper does not recognize / utilize injected translator service #2551

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Zend Framework DevTeam Martin Keckeis Matthew Weier O'Phinney Maks3w
Zend Framework DevTeam

Jira Information

Original Issue: ZF2-516
Issue Type: Bug
Reporter: Michael Romer
Created: 09/03/12
Assignee: weierophinney
Components: Zend\Form


The FormRow-Helper seems not to use a translator service present for the label portion:

            'name' => 'username',
            'attributes' => array(
                'type'  => 'text',
            'options' => array(
                'label' => 'username',
public function onBootstrap($e)
echo $this->formRow($this->form->get('username')); 
echo $this->formLabel($this->form->get('username'));
Output incorrect: "username", even if translation available
Output correct: "Benutzername" (DE translation of "username")
Zend Framework DevTeam

(Originally posted by: froschdesign on 09/04/12)

Code tags added.

Zend Framework DevTeam

(Originally posted by: cgmartin on 09/05/12)

The FormLabel's translation functionality is covered with a unit test (and currently passing):

For the translator to automatically attach to the view helpers, the translator should be in the service locator. Example via config from the skeleton application:

Here is the code that pulls it out of the service locator and attaches it to the view helpers (including FormLabel):

Some things to check:

  • Confirm that the translator is set on the FormLabel helper: var_dump($this->formLabel()->getTranslator())
  • Do the translation text domains match?: var_dump($this->formLabel()->getTranslatorTextDomain())
  • Does the translation key match and exist in your DE translation file?

EDIT: Apologies, I just noticed your output of both FormRow and FormLabel together... I will set up a test here and take a look see. Thanks!

Zend Framework DevTeam

(Originally posted by: cgmartin on 09/05/12)

FormRow was not translating the label. Fixed in this PR:

Zend Framework DevTeam

This issue was ported from the ZF2 Jira Issue Tracker at

Known GitHub users mentioned in the original message or comment:
@weierophinney, @froschdesign, @cgmartin

Martin Keckeis

@weierophinney @michael-romer i think this can be closed as well. Translation for labels in formRow works.

Maks3w Maks3w closed this
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