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Zend\Http\Client does not support input streams #2645

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Adam Lundrigan gullij Ralph Schindler ClemensSahs Enrico Zimuel
Adam Lundrigan

In ZF1, Zend_Http_Client supported input streams for PUT

$fp = file_open("", 'r');
$client->setRawData($fp, 'application/zip')->request('PUT');

This functionality no longer exists in ZF2 Zend\Http\Client, as ::setRawBody just proxies to Zend\Stdlib\Message::setContent, which only supports string-able input (scalars or objects with a __toString)


Is this ever getting fixed? This also causes the same error when trying to use the ZendGData classes to upload movies to YouTube.

I have no idea how to link this properly so here's the URL:


gullij gullij referenced this issue in zendframework/ZendGData

zendgdata is not compatible with zend-http #6

Ralph Schindler

@ezimuel Thoughts?


i work with this methode

$fp = fopen("", 'r');
$request->setContent( $fp );

// php5.3
$fileStat = fstat($fp);

// php5.4

$response = $client->send($request);

// alternativ

$fp = fopen("", 'r');
$fileStat = fstat($fp);


is this issue done?

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