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Zend\Http\Client uses arg_separator.output to build URLs, resulting in possibly wrongly formed URLs #2745

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I've set arg_separator.output to &.
http_build_query() by default uses this separator in the query strings it builds. This results in HTTP requests like GET /index.php?arg=pie&oh=no.

Most HTTP servers don't understand that and bugger out.

As a workaround, I temporarily set arg_separator.output to & for the duration of Zend\Http\Client->send().

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@demonkoryu demonkoryu Fixes #2745 caf3749
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Why do you set arg_separator.output to & in the first place?


For generating valid HTML when using transparent session IDs.

I've also might have set arg_separator.output to ;, but there's the same problem: Some web APIs don't understand that because they use the semicolon as pseudo array delimiters in their argument values.

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Close #2745
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