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[Session][Auth] Since the recent BC changes to Sessions, Zend\Authentication\Storage\Session does not work #3450

davidwindell opened this Issue · 5 comments

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To work around this issue without making any other changes, you currently have to put the following someone in your App's bootstrap process;

        $sessionStorage = new \Zend\Session\Storage\SessionStorage();
        $sessionManager = new \Zend\Session\SessionManager();

I have been unable to find the exact cause and long term solution.


Failing example using skeleton

Zend Framework member

#3452 contains a fix for this.


@weierophinney Provided example still fails on develop branch (using SessionArrayStorage). On master it works fine.


zendframework/zf2#3458 addresses the exact cause of this issue and I can confirm the solution provided actually works.

Looks like casting SessionArrayStorage to array fails. SessionArrayStorage::toArray() must be used.


I can confirm that the PR attached to #3458 solves this correctly.

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