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[2.1] [Forms] [Bug] Factory instantiates Elements directly but should be using the FormElementManager #3555

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Due to wrong approach inside the Form Factory, Elements unknown to the FormElementManager (FEM) are directly instantiated while they actually should be auto added as invokables and then created by the FEM.

You will get in trouble if that Element is an instance or a subclass of Fieldset since you most likely will need the Form Factory with the FEM in there too. Normally this is taken care of by the FEM, which has registered a listener that injects a Form Factory (with the FEM attached) into any Element implementing FormFactoryAwareInterface.

But since the Factory first does a has-check on the FEM an unknown Element will not be auto-added as invokable, as you can see here:
Form Factory

protected function getElementFromName($elementName)
    $formElementManager = $this->getFormElementManager();

    if ($formElementManager->has($elementName)) {
        return $formElementManager->get($elementName);

    return new $elementName();

If you for example add a Collection by using the FQCN as type, the FEM will not be available inside the Collection (instance of Fieldset) since Zend\Form\Element\Collection is not known to the FEM and therefore directly instantiated by the Factory and no Factory with attached FEM is injected. As a side effect a specified hydrator cannot be pulled from the ServiceLocator too.

My suggestion is to change the above function to always call get, to let the FEM take care and auto add the Element as an invokable when not registered.

protected function getElementFromName($elementName)
    $formElementManager = $this->getFormElementManager();
    return $formElementManager->get($elementName);

I propose to completely remove getElementFromName since it just proxies to the FormElementManager.

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