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About view_manager #5159

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I don't know why you desgin the view_manager to global,Instead of module,different module have different layout,exception_template,not_found_template.this is a very common demand, yes,i know i can defined the layout etc in the Module.php onBootstrap ,but why not desgin view_manager config for module,who can explanation this,Thank you very much。


A template name should be global "unique", to avoid mistakes i think. I have a base module where i defined the error templates and layouts and i want them to use everywhere.

The other way round it would be hard to use it in all modules.
That's why it's not splitted for each module, i think.

And you have the possbilities to "overwrite" them like you have written.


@Maks3w this can be closed

@Bittarman Bittarman closed this
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