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ViewHelper extension using Delegators #5172

shipleyr opened this Issue · 4 comments

3 participants

Rob Shipley Marco Pivetta Stefano Torresi
Rob Shipley

I have a need to create an extension to the Url view helper but also have the Url view helper functionality available to me. Using a delegator factory does not work. I have spoken with @ocramius on IRC about this.

See: for the code I'm using.

Marco Pivetta

The problem is that a delegator service factory cannot pass the validatePlugin step. A quickfix consists in instantiating it on-the-fly if it is not defined as a service

Rob Shipley

With the URL helper this is not really possible as it has configuration steps (injecting the route match object for example) which would need duplicating if it was instantiated directly.

Stefano Torresi

so none of the provided plugin managers can handle delegators since delegator factories are treated like plugin themselves, which they're obviously not. is that right?

Marco Pivetta
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