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Fix for unmatched routes in navigation #4530

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Zf 2.2 changed the navigation behaviour for the segment route from 2.1.5 it needs the route match to keep the old behavior only on error (404) pages the route is not matched and will throw and error on the getParams method as it is not an object.


Please add a unit test, so we don't have another regression in the future.


@weierophinney I have added a test, but am not sure if the route match object is required? Maybe it goes somewhere else wrong if an error event is triggered? The extra check in the if statement seems to work for me, but not sure what else can go wrong here :)


@Mech7 test looks good! The big question: does it fail prior to the fix? And it does. :) Merging!

@ghost Unknown referenced this pull request from a commit
@weierophinney weierophinney Merge branch 'hotfix/4530'
Close #4530
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2  library/Zend/Navigation/Page/Mvc.php
@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ public function getHref()
- if ($this->useRouteMatch()) {
+ if ($this->useRouteMatch() && $this->getRouteMatch()) {
$rmParams = $this->getRouteMatch()->getParams();
if (isset($rmParams[ModuleRouteListener::ORIGINAL_CONTROLLER])) {
13 tests/ZendTest/Navigation/Page/MvcTest.php
@@ -68,6 +68,19 @@ public function testHrefGeneratedByRouterRequiresNoRoute()
$this->assertEquals('/news/view', $page->getHref());
+ public function testHrefRouteMatchEnabledWithoutRouteMatchObject()
+ {
+ $page = new Page\Mvc(array(
+ 'label' => 'foo',
+ 'route' => 'test/route',
+ 'use_route_match' => true
+ ));
+ $router = $this->getMock('\Zend\Mvc\Router\Http\TreeRouteStack');
+ $router->expects($this->once())->method('assemble')->will($this->returnValue('/test/route'));
+ $page->setRouter($router);
+ $this->assertEquals('/test/route', $page->getHref());
+ }
public function testHrefGeneratedIsRouteAware()
$page = new Page\Mvc(array(
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