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Zend paginator dbselect count #4590

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Fixes row count issue when you use GROUP with original query.


For changes like this, I really need to be able to test the approach on multiple databases. Can you create a generic schema with generic data that shows the usage of group and what you think the expected output should be? It would really assist me in the testing of this across multiple platforms.


@ralphschindler I will get that to you soon


SQL Script

MySQL Query:

Expected output(ie pull request): 10
Actual output(ie current issue): 13

Please let me know if there is more I can do.


I'm working on this, but at current, it doesn't seem like COUNT(DISTINCT expr) is portable in the sense that expr can be multiple columns (like in Postgresql). The answer might lie in subselects though.


For example, this seems more portable (with your use case tables):

SELECT COUNT(1) as "the_count" FROM (
    FROM transaction_line tl
    INNER JOIN transactions t ON tl.transaction_id =
    INNER JOIN users u ON t.user_id =
    INNER JOIN products p ON tl.product_id =
) as c

Could you have a look at the solution in #4641 and let me know if it works for you?


Yes, #4641 works! Thanks.

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17 library/Zend/Paginator/Adapter/DbSelect.php
@@ -107,16 +107,27 @@ public function count()
- $select->reset(Select::GROUP);
+ //get join info, clear, and use for DISTINCT count
+ $groups = $select->getRawState(Select::GROUP);
+ $select->reset(Select::GROUP);
+ $expr = '1';
+ if ($groups) {
+ $platform = $this->sql->getAdapter()->getPlatform();
+ array_walk($groups, function(&$group) use ($platform) {
+ $group = $platform->quoteIdentifierInFragment($group);
+ });
+ $expr = 'DISTINCT ' . implode(', ', $groups);
+ }
// get join information, clear, and repopulate without columns
$joins = $select->getRawState(Select::JOINS);
foreach ($joins as $join) {
$select->join($join['name'], $join['on'], array(), $join['type']);
- $select->columns(array('c' => new Expression('COUNT(1)')));
+ $select->columns(array('c' => new Expression(sprintf('COUNT(%s)', $expr))));
$statement = $this->sql->prepareStatementForSqlObject($select);
$result = $statement->execute();
4 tests/ZendTest/Paginator/Adapter/DbSelectTest.php
@@ -64,7 +64,9 @@ public function testCount()
$this->mockResult->expects($this->any())->method('current')->will($this->returnValue(array('c' => 5)));
$this->mockSelect->expects($this->exactly(6))->method('reset'); // called for columns, limit, offset, order
- $this->mockSelect->expects($this->once())->method('getRawState')->with($this->equalTo(Select::JOINS))
+ $this->mockSelect->expects($this->at(4))->method('getRawState')->with($this->equalTo(Select::GROUP))
+ ->will($this->returnValue(NULL));
+ $this->mockSelect->expects($this->at(6))->method('getRawState')->with($this->equalTo(Select::JOINS))
->will($this->returnValue(array(array('name' => 'Foo', 'on' => 'On Stuff', 'columns' => array('foo', 'bar'), 'type' => Select::JOIN_INNER))));
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