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Add cas operation for apc adapter #4844

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Please add a unit test, if possible.


How to do that without concurrent threads?


@prolic Good point. :) Merging!


Merged to develop for release with 2.3.0, as it's a feature addition.


This breaks the test. apc_cas allows only integer values but we allow all values :(
@Ocramius It's a bit late to revert - should I open a new issue? I'm currently not sure how to solve it.


@marc-mabe you could open a pull request with a failing test case...


The test's are currently failing. Currently APC no enabled on travis - I'm working on a solution to enable more tests for travis.
WIP -> This one is using APCu as APC is not available by default on travis since PHP-5.5


@marc-mabe would throwing an exception if ! is_int() be a good idea here?


@Ocramius I don't think so because other adapter accept it and it's not possible to check before.

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Commits on Jul 17, 2013
  1. @prolic
  2. @prolic


    prolic authored
  3. @prolic

    remove unused phpdoc line

    prolic authored
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Showing with 15 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +15 −0 library/Zend/Cache/Storage/Adapter/Apc.php
15 library/Zend/Cache/Storage/Adapter/Apc.php
@@ -734,4 +734,19 @@ protected function normalizeMetadata(array & $metadata)
+ /**
+ * Internal method to set an item only if token matches
+ *
+ * @param mixed $token
+ * @param string $normalizedKey
+ * @param mixed $value
+ * @return bool
+ * @see getItem()
+ * @see setItem()
+ */
+ protected function internalCheckAndSetItem(& $token, & $normalizedKey, & $value)
+ {
+ return apc_cas($normalizedKey, $token, $value);
+ }
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