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Small fix for ZendTest\Form\FormTest method name #4895

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Renamed method from DonNot to DoNot.

@whymarrh whymarrh Small fix for method name
Renamed method from `DonNot` to `DoNot`

How can I locate the cause of the build failure? I get the feeling that it had something to do with the GitHub outage.


@whymarrh Click the "Details" link forllowing the "Failed - the Travis CI build failed" message.

In this case, it's the 5.3.3 tests failing, but it looks like a segfault may have occurred for some reason. This will not prevent us reviewing in this case. :)

@weierophinney weierophinney merged commit c8f4e1b into zendframework:develop
@weierophinney weierophinney referenced this pull request from a commit
@weierophinney weierophinney Merge branch 'hotfix/4895'
Close #4895
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Commits on Jul 29, 2013
  1. @whymarrh

    Small fix for method name

    whymarrh authored
    Renamed method from `DonNot` to `DoNot`
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  1. +1 −1  tests/ZendTest/Form/FormTest.php
2  tests/ZendTest/Form/FormTest.php
@@ -1212,7 +1212,7 @@ public function testApplyObjectInputFilterToBaseFieldsetAndApplyValidationGroup(
- public function testDonNotApplyEmptyInputFiltersToSubFieldsetOfCollectionElementsWithCollectionInputFilters()
+ public function testDoNotApplyEmptyInputFiltersToSubFieldsetOfCollectionElementsWithCollectionInputFilters()
$collectionFieldset = new Fieldset('item');
$collectionFieldset->add(new Element('foo'));
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