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Wordpress Bruteforcer

This is a rough POC that demonstrates the recent amplified bruteforce attack on wordpress based website via xmlrcp API.


This particular vulnerability allows an attacker to bypass webserver rate limits. Instead of the attacker sending one query with a one password, he or she can now send one query with 500 passwords via xmlrpc API.

Classic Bruteforce
Attacker                          WP Server
Amplified Bruteforce
Attacker                          WP Server


Block the xmlrpc.php access from the configuration files like .htaccess or nginx.conf


ruby ./wpbrute-rpc.rb --url=[...] --user=[...] --count=[...] --list=[...]
   --url     The wordpress RPC endpoint.
   --user    The username you would like to bruteforce.
   --count   The number of attempts per RPC request.
   --list    The path to your password dictionary.

== More Info ==
* Ensure that the website is active, has the correct protocol (http or https), and ends in 'xmlrpc.php'.
* The wordlist should just be a list of word seperated by the new-line character.
* If you get a 'Parse error' then your count is too high.
Live Example
bundle install
ruby ./wpbrute-rpc.rb --url="" --user=admin --count=500 --list=./500-worst-passwords.txt

Password found!
> admin