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| Zend OPcache |
| Copyright (c) 1998-2015 The PHP Group |
| This source file is subject to version 3.01 of the PHP license, |
| that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE, and is |
| available through the world-wide-web at the following url: |
| |
| If you did not receive a copy of the PHP license and are unable to |
| obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send a note to |
| so we can mail you a copy immediately. |
| Authors: Andi Gutmans <> |
| Zeev Suraski <> |
| Stanislav Malyshev <> |
| Dmitry Stogov <> |
#include "zend.h"
zend_accel_hash - is a hash table allocated in shared memory and
distributed across simultaneously running processes. The hash tables have
fixed sizen selected during construction by zend_accel_hash_init(). All the
hash entries are preallocated in the 'hash_entries' array. 'num_entries' is
initialized by zero and grows when new data is added.
zend_accel_hash_update() just takes the next entry from 'hash_entries'
array and puts it into appropriate place of 'hash_table'.
Hash collisions are resolved by separate chaining with linked lists,
however, entries are still taken from the same 'hash_entries' array.
'key' and 'data' passed to zend_accel_hash_update() must be already
allocated in shared memory. Few keys may be resolved to the same data.
using 'indirect' entries, that point to other entries ('data' is actually
a pointer to another zend_accel_hash_entry).
zend_accel_hash_update() requires exclusive lock, however,
zend_accel_hash_find() does not.
typedef struct _zend_accel_hash_entry zend_accel_hash_entry;
struct _zend_accel_hash_entry {
zend_ulong hash_value;
char *key;
zend_uint key_length;
zend_accel_hash_entry *next;
void *data;
zend_bool indirect;
typedef struct _zend_accel_hash {
zend_accel_hash_entry **hash_table;
zend_accel_hash_entry *hash_entries;
zend_uint num_entries;
zend_uint max_num_entries;
zend_uint num_direct_entries;
} zend_accel_hash;
void zend_accel_hash_init(zend_accel_hash *accel_hash, zend_uint hash_size);
void zend_accel_hash_clean(zend_accel_hash *accel_hash);
zend_accel_hash_entry* zend_accel_hash_update(
zend_accel_hash *accel_hash,
char *key,
zend_uint key_length,
zend_bool indirect,
void *data);
void* zend_accel_hash_find(
zend_accel_hash *accel_hash,
char *key,
zend_uint key_length);
zend_accel_hash_entry* zend_accel_hash_find_entry(
zend_accel_hash *accel_hash,
char *key,
zend_uint key_length);
int zend_accel_hash_unlink(
zend_accel_hash *accel_hash,
char *key,
zend_uint key_length);
static inline zend_bool zend_accel_hash_is_full(zend_accel_hash *accel_hash)
if (accel_hash->num_entries == accel_hash->max_num_entries) {
return 1;
} else {
return 0;
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