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Quick-n-Dirty d3ckin', or simply testing your d3ck

A fair bit of d3ck functionality requires two d3cks, so it can be hard to test much if you finally get your own running.

If your computer has a working video cam there is a simple way to test if video works, at least, and if you want to share your username & password with someone else, you can both login to the same d3ck and use its video capabilities.

The short version:

- login

- pull down the video menu at the top and select Test/Host Local Video

- grant camera permissions

- login to the d3ck with the same or another browser, on the same or another computer

- Select the Connect local d3ck option

- grant camera permissions

- Confidential video conferencing should fire up

The longer one follows....

Upon logging into your d3ck, you'll see something like a blank screen - at the top on the right-hand side there's a little video icon:

Clicking on the icon's tab/caret should pull down a menu with two items -

Test/Host Local Video
Connnect local D3ck

Selecting the first (Test/Host...) should prompt you to grant permission to use your camera - in Firefox it pops up a little box that looks something like this:

Chrome has a thin strip between the page content and its menu bars, like:

If you permit them to, you should see your smilin' face in glorious color (well, unless you're hooked up to a 50's era Zenith TV or something) on the right-hand side of the screen, under the "Local" label.

A second window, browser, or person can login and select the 2nd button - "Connect local D3ck" - and you should see the final connection, something like -