CLI based tools for DIY vapers
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    One of the miseries of life is that everybody names
    things a little bit wrong.
                                 -- Richard P. Feynman

Build Status

Documentation coming soon.


Get the code.

git clone
# or
curl -LO

# then

cd vaper-tools

For those familiar with Perl and installing modules and such... It's recommended to just install the prerequisites (and not App::JuiceCalc itself, at least not yet).

perl Build.PL

# if you're curious or want to try and find some of the prerequisite
# modules in your distribution's package management tool...
./Build prereq_report

./Build installdeps

# then test with
prove -v -Ilib t
# or
./Build test

If you want to keep all the prerequisite modules (if any) in one place, the best way is probably with cpanm.

If you don't have cpanm installed. (See: cpanminus for more detail.)

curl -LO
chmod +x cpanm
# edit shebang if you don't have /usr/bin/env

Then install the prerequisites under the './local' directory.

cpanm --quiet --notest --local-lib local --installdeps .
# then test with
PERL5LIB=local/lib/perl5 prove -v -Ilib t

You should now be able to use the tools in the bin directory. You may want to add it to your PATH: PATH=$PATH:$PWD/bin or make links to your ~/bin or /usr/local/bin as desired... ln -s $PWD/bin/* ~/bin.


Example recipes, A walk-through of common usage, etc. You may actually find these things in a doc directory by now. Otherwise see t/05_script.t for some test examples.

The --help option of the programs should help a bit.

jcalc -f t/test_data/fuzzy_custard.flav -s 10
|   Fuzzy Custard 18 mg/ml (70/30 PG/VG)  |
| Flavor                   |   ml | Total |
| PG                       | 3.50 |  3.50 |
| VG                       | 3.00 |  6.50 |
| 100 mg/ml Nicotine PG    | 1.80 |  8.30 |
| Vanilla Custard (TFA) PG | 1.30 |  9.60 |
| Juicy Peach (TFA) PG     | 0.30 |  9.90 |
| Butterscotch (TFA) PG    | 0.10 | 10.00 |