Deduplicating backup utility
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This is a small tool I use for backups. Highlights:

  • Efficiently uses:
    • Disk space - files are de-duplicated using cryptographic hash functions (currently sha1, but moving to a more secure hash function will not be difficult and is planned).
    • Bandwidth (if backing up to a remote filesystem) - it only copies things not already on the backup filesystem.
    • Time - It can make use of modification times and a previous backup to speed up incremental backups.

I use it roughly once a week to do full backups of my home directory (about 500 GiB of data). The amount of additional space used per backup is negligible.

It assumes a Unix-like system (for the file system semantics). It therefore will not work on Windows.


Via cabal, Haskell's package manager:

git clone
cd dedup-backup
cabal install


dedup-backup (-s|--src SOURCE) (-d|--dest DESTINATION)
             (-b|--blobs BLOB DIR) [--chown] [-p|--prev PREVIOUS]

SOURCE is the directory to back up. DESTINATION is the location of the backup. BLOB DIR is a directory used to store files by cryptographic hash; it is used for de-duplication. This directory should be the same for all backups, and it must be on the same partition as DESTINATION.

PREVIOUS is an (optional) previous backup of the same SOURCE If specified, the modification times of the files in PREVIOUS and the current version of SOURCE will be used to speed up the backup --- if the modification times are the same the file is assumed to be unchanged, and will not be hashed.

The --chown option tells dedup-backup to change the owner and group on the files in DESTINATION to match those in SOURCE. Root access is required for this option.


GPL 3.0 or later.