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ZenHub is how the world's best development teams work together. 🎈

As the only project management tool integrated natively in GitHub’s UI, ZenHub helps you stay in your workflow without distractions. There are no new queues to check, entries to update, or priorities to manage outside GitHub.

Because ZenHub’s features are powered by native GitHub issues, it doesn’t create more process – it gets out of your way so you can focus on shipping awesome products.

Download the ZenHub extension for Firefox or Chrome here. It’s free for public, academic, and personal repositories. It's also free for teams under six on unlimited private repositories!

About this repo

This is a place for the ZenHub community to add feature requests, discuss improvements, and submit feedback. We respond to issues as quickly as we can, but for even quicker response to support-related queries, shoot us an email or tweet us @ZenHubHQ.

Read our Changelog here or check out our API documentation.

Tell collaborators you’re using ZenHub

Adding the ZenHub badge to your ReadMe makes it easier for others to collaborate with you. Add this snippet to your repo’s file:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Want sweet ZenHub swag? Email us a link to your ReadMe displaying the ZenHub badge. Include your address, and we’ll send you some goodies! 🎉

Helpful resources

Read through our product documentation to learn more on how ZenHub is crafted specifically for fast-moving software teams. It transforms GitHub into a fully featured project management platform. Documentation located here.

Grab a copy of our latest book, Better Software and Stronger Teams to learn more on building better software and empowering fast-moving teams with agile workflows.

Stay up-to-date with the latest releases and content on project management by subscribing to our blog here or by bookmarking our Changelog located here.

Get in touch with us

Contact us at through with questions, feedback, or to chat agile project management! We operate in Pacific Time, but support users globally so feel free to send us a note at anytime .

You can also submit a new issue here to the support repo and the team will respond, tag, and shuffle the issue to it's appropriate pipeline to keep you updated on the status of your feedback or questions.

Product features

Task boards with multi-repo support

board 1

Flexible Boards enable teams to visualize entire projects without leaving GitHub. Whether you prefer kanban, agile, or your own flavor of workflow, ZenHub supports it all. You can also connect task boards for projects that span several repos or even organizations.

Epics inside Github


By adding a crucial “extra layer” of hierarchy to your issues, Epics make it easy to build, execute, and maintain a healthy product backlog.

Slack Integration

Our Slack Integration keeps you updated on key project activity across any device. Track issue progress, estimates, Task Board updates, and more.

Burndown charts & issue estimates

burndown 1

Assign time or complexity estimates to issues, then track your progress using Milestone-integrated Burndown Charts.

Velocity tracking

burndown 1

Velocity charts reveal how much work you can reasonably commit to, which is especially helpful when planning sprints.

And much more!

Find out more on our website.

Submitting issues to the support repo

We use ZenHub to help make this process easy. Visit our task board (press b with ZenHub installed) to see current issues, organized as:

1 - Inbox (to be reviewed)

The first pipeline a new issue will hit. This lets us know what needs our attention.

2 - Discussion

An issue will get moved here when we are looking for some community feedback, so don't forget to add GitHub reactions to those issues you would like to see! Bug reports or issues awaiting replies will also be moved to discussion to keep the inbox clear.

3 - Community Backlog

Features that the ZenHub team are working on, or will be in the future.

4 - Known Issues

Issues we know about and are working to resolve.

4 - Priorities

Features/feedback we are actively looking into that align with our roadmap and future milestones.

5 - Up Next

The next few big issues that are in the pipeline.

6 - In Progress

What we are currently working on.

Help avoid duplicates by checking the board first to see if someone else is already talking about it before submitting an issue.

Using GitHub Enterprise?

Visit our website to get in touch and kick off a free trial of ZenHub Enterprise, our on-premise solution.