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Small JVM for Java 1.4 made in Lua
Lua Java Shell
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zenith391 Part of JCF
For that i added support for interfaces and some more standard lib classes.
Other features:
String.valueOf(boolean, char or Object)
Improved PrintStream handle of print(Object obj) (notably for null objects)
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Lukyt is a small JVM made in Lua supporting Java 1.4. It's main advantage is to currently have a very small startup time and use way much less memory.


How to use?

The JVM itself can be used by any program and is independent from the command-line program.

The command line program allows to execute classes. You can print an help message with lua lukyt.lua --help

To launch the HelloWorld test, you can do:

lua lukyt.lua --classpath=test HelloWorld

which will give the same result as:

java -cp test HelloWorld

On my computer, the HelloWorld example used maximum 2.5MB while on the same computer, the OpenJDK's JVM used maximum 13MB.

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