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GHUnit OCMock Xcode 4 Template
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Xcode 4 GHUnit & OCMock Templates

These templates provide a ready to execute GHUnit Test bundle with (or without) OCMock included in your unit tests.

The templates provided are for both OSX and iOS platforms.

Included versions:


  • Xcode 4

Installation Instructions

To install the Xcode 4 templates, in terminal type:

$ sudo ./

Note: This script will install the templates to: $HOME/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates

To remove the Xcode 4 templates, in terminal type:

$ sudo ./ -u

To force reinstall, in terminal type:

$ sudo ./ -f


  1. You can create or open an existing new Xcode iOS/Mac project.

  2. Click the project in project navigator, then click on “Add Target”.

  3. In the template chooser under iOS or Mac OS X, select the “GHUnit” test bundle appropriate for your project.

  4. Enter the name of your new GHUnit unit test bundle.

  5. In Xcode, change the target to your new unit test bundle. Then Build and RUN!

Adding New Test Cases

  1. When you add a new file to your the Test Cases group, select the new GHUnit/OCMock Test Case file template.


I'm sure the templates can be improved. Please don't hesitate to let me know what can be done.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Doug Sjoquist, Software Craftsman, for his review of the template.

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