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Mobile Version VIM Editor


The vi editor is created when the input situation is very difficult. Now for the desktop pc or laptop pc, the input situation is much better.

But for the mobile device, the input situation is still difficult, even worse:

  • Mobile device is very small, so the physical/virtual keyboard is small too.
  • Many keys miss because of the small size, especially the direction keys.
  • Punctuations are difficult to input.
  • In most situation, only two or one thumbs can be used to input.
  • For virtual keyboard, fingers can't touch keyboard when no input.
  • Escape key misses usually.
  • It's difficult to touch the key rightly

I want to edit code at any time, so vi's compact key usage is suitable. But the traditional vi is not suitable for mobile device.


I feel guys who want to edit code at any time like to use android devices, instead of Apple device. So the first version is for android.

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