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Google App Engine Compute Launcher

A demonstration of how to launch docker based tasks on Google Compute Engine using Google App Engine. Further explanation can be found on the author's blog post.


  • Install Google Cloud SDK.

  • Signup for Google Cloud Platform and get a Project Id.

  • Turn on billing (required for launching compute instances).

Deploying the Docker Image

You will need to deploy the docker image in order the task to be runnable on compute engine. To do this run the following:

make image

Running on DevAppServer

Run the following:

make dev

Or if you wish to run directly

make secrets
dev_appserver -A your-project-id app.yaml

You must specify your cloud project in your-project-id if you actually want to launch instances on google cloud from

Now navigate to the page http://localhost:8080/launcher

Running on AppEngine

Ensure you have setup gcloud CLI to point to the right application id:

gcloud config set project your-project-id

First you have to create a cookie secret and store in your appengine project metadata. We will do this by setting 'cookie_secret' as a metadata attribute of the current google cloud project. You can do this by running:

make cloud_secrets

Now you can deploy the app:

make deploy

Now navigate to

License and Disclaimer

This is an example provided 'as-is' without any warranty see LICENSE.txt for details.