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A C++11 JSON data reader with a simple but powerful API.
By Arthur Langereis (@zenmumbler)


  • light-weight, clean codebase
    • a few classes and functions contained in a single krystal namespace
    • no macros or other global namespace pollution
    • depends on, and only on the C++ standard library
  • C++11 only
    • uses new language and library features to keep design simple
    • move-only semantics for value instances to avoid costly copies
  • focus on ease of use
    • header-only framework
    • simple API with clear rules
    • integrated with language constructs (e.g. range for loop)
    • clear error messages in parser for syntax errors and in exceptions when using values
    • speed and memory usage limited by your std lib, but second only to rapidjson right now using clang & libc++
  • fully conformant to JSON spec
    • correctly parses entire jsonchecker test suite
  • UTF-8 only files and strings,
  • number values are doubles, limiting exact int values to +/- 2^53
  • SAX and DOM style access


Convenient parse calls generate a document in a single call.

// from a stream
auto file = std::ifstream{"game_data.json"};
auto doc = krystal::parseStream(file);

// or from a string
std::string json { "...json data..." };
auto doc = krystal::parseString(json);

// you will always get a valid Value object
// failed parse will yield a Null value, otherwise an Array or Object
if (doc.isContainer())
	...; // succesfully parsed

Use subscripting for array and object values.

auto delay = doc["levels"][0]["zombie spawn delay"].number();
auto name = doc["levels"][0]["level name"].string();

Iterate over arrays or objects with normal range for syntax. Each loop yields a pair of krystal::Values. For arrays, first is a number value with the index, for objects, first is the key string value.

for (auto kv : doc["levels"]) {
	auto levelIndex = kv.first.numberAs<int>();
	auto& levelData = kv.second;



krystal is a header-only library. Add the krystal directory to your include path and #include the krystal.hpp umbrella header in your sources.


/!\ Does not compile against stdlibc++, because krystal exploits UB by using an incomplete type as the value of vector and unordered_map, the last of which stdlibc++ does not support (legitimately) See:

I was not aware of this when I started work on krystal and am currently looking into how to remedy this, likely by wrapping the values in a unique_ptr as those explicitly allow incomplete types.

Does work with Clang 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 compilers with the libc++ standard library. Will not work on current (May 2014) MSVC compilers, even the CTP versions, because MSVC is not fully C++11 conformant yet.

JSON output is not yet supported.


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