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Test how good the 'Citytraffic' methode is to keep your mac private
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Test how good the 'Citytraffic' methode is to keep your mac private

As far I (Dave Borghuis) can follow the steps of CittyTrafic :

MAC --> SHA256 --> first(?) 17 characters

For the step MAC -> SHA256 City Traffic use a own methode based on SHA256. I don't know in what way it deviates from the standard.

See also my (dutch) blog on

The last step is unclear, what data is removed to go from 64 characters to 17 characters. For this test I asume that only the left 17 characters of the sha265 is used. If you have more details I would like to hear from you or better change the code accordingly.

According to Gemeente Enschede we have around 50.000 visitors per day


With the lenght of 17 and 50000 records (or even for 17.000.000 entrys), every record is still unique. In my test program you can define the lenght by option '--shalen='.

Results with length of :

Length dubble avg records
8 0 0
7 2 1
6 72 1
5 1172 1
4 15047 1
3 45904 11
2 49744 194
1 49984 3124

So in summery, to my opinion (i am no expert) if you reduce the string to 3 or less you get enough big 'groups' to claim you have any form of privacy. Everything above (>3) you don't have enough collision.


To use this script include Medoo libary. I added this with composer, after clone you could do 'composer update' to install the libary.

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