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This site exist of tree parts: the map, the heatmap and the hackerspace wiki cences.


Map with all hackerspaces, fablabs and makerspaces. Check it out here!

Combine several sources and put them together on one map. This will result in a up-to-date map.

Sources :

If you want to be added/removed/changed check one of the above source and modify it there.

For details about what 'rules' apply check the FAQ html page.

Any questions or remarks contact me


See heatmap of open/closed status of spaces with a spaceapi. Api status is read every 10 min and stored in database, statistics is calculated once you request page. Original made by Folkert van Heusden, integrated into mapall site on end september 2021.

Hackerspace Cencus

Check if a hackerspace is still active (and edit status if not) This is done by reading wiki page of space and determine if site is up, twitter is active and more. If program is sure of the activity the wiki page is set to status 'suspented inactivity' or 'active'.

Source :

Create bot via

Curl Errors

Instal for local use/test

Clone this github to a local directory. I asume you have php and composer installed.

-- User composer to install twitter and database libary's. 'composer require catfan/medoo j7mbo/twitter-api-php'

  • Copy 'init_example.php' to 'init.php' and change paths to reflect your local system. Add the needed api keys/logins.
  • Run 'php setup.php' to create a sqlite database with table.
  • You can now get all the data and proces it with 'php update.php'. If you run it for the first time you want to use the options "--init --all"
  • go to 'public_html' directory and use the php server to enjoy the results ('php -S localhost:8000')

Options of update.php

  • --all Process all options
  • --wiki Update data from wiki
  • --fablab Update data from
  • --log=0 Define loglevel, 0 for all message, 5 only errors
  • --init Delete all records and logfile
  • --api Spaceapi
  • --comp Dedupe wiki

With the '--all' option it will :

  • -get api data, check if json could be retrieved and procesed.
  • -get data, only include the 'active' fablabs
  • -get, only active hackerspaces with a location
  • -dedupe above resuls, check name match 45% and distance <200m

You can only do one part of the processing by giving eg '--wiki' to do only the part of getting and processing the data.

The above steps will generate *.geojson files that will be read by the maps leaflet. You have to have a webserver that points to the 'public_html' directory of alternative you can use the php server to do this.

Used components


You can use the JSON API of this repository:

  • url:
  • parameter id: id of the hackerspace, example: TkkrLab
  • parameter period: period of data, one of week, month, year, everything



Map with all hackerspaces, fablabs and makerspaces







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