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# to be run from the root directory of MyMediaLite
echo "The MovieLens datasets are for NON-COMMERCIAL use only."
echo "Refer to the README file for the details of the usage license."
echo "Hit enter to continue, Ctrl-C to abort."
read DUMMY
echo "This may take a while ..."
# download MovieLens data
wget --output-document=data/
wget --output-document=data/
wget --output-document=data/
cd data
# unzip data
mv ml-10M100K ml-10m
# remove downloaded archives
# create attribute files for MovieLens 100k
../scripts/ ml-100k/u.item > ml-100k/item-attributes-genres.txt
# TODO user attributes
# create attribute files for MovieLens 1M
../scripts/ ml-1m/movies.dat > ml-1m/item-attributes-genres.txt
../scripts/ ml-1m/users.dat > ml-1m/user-attributes-nozip.txt
# create tab-separated file and evaluation splits for MovieLens 1M
../scripts/ --separator=:: ml-1m/ratings.dat > ml-1m/ratings.txt
../scripts/ --separator=:: ml-1m/ratings.dat | ../scripts/ --k=5 --filename=ml-1m/ml-1m --suffix=.txt
../scripts/ --k=5 --filename=ml-1m/ml-1m --suffix=.dat < ml-1m/ratings.dat
../scripts/ ml-1m/ratings.dat --separator=:: --filename=ml-1m/ml-1m-new-user --k=5 --suffix=.txt
# create tab-separated file for MovieLens 10M
../scripts/ --separator=:: ml-10m/ratings.dat > ml-10m/ratings.txt
../scripts/ ml-10m/movies.dat > ml-10m/item-attributes-genres.txt
cd ..
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