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Data Bags

Data bags are a arbitrary stores of globally available JSON data. Data Bags are not directly associated with Node or Role attributes. Data Bags are stored on the server and indexed for searching. Recipes can load data bags directly, or search a data bag for specific values similar to attributes in node indexes.

Data Bag Files

Each Data Bag contains zero or more items uniquely identified by an arbitrary id. By default knife will load JSON files from the repository to store them on the Chef server. However, everything else being Ruby, the ZenOps repository implements a simple Data Bag DSL on top of Chefs DSL support.

Data Bags are stored in the databags directory in the Chef repository. Each Data Bag is represented as a folder containing zero or more Ruby files representing the Data Bag Items.

Contents of the Data Bag Item can be specified with simple method calls. A simple Data Bag Item for a user account might look like this:

name "John Doe"
email ""
authorized_keys [
  "ssh-dsa ...",
  "ssh-rsa ..."

Managing Data Bags

Data Bags can be managed with one of the provided rake tasks or the knife command line client:

Upload single Data Bag
rake load:databag[users]
Upload all Data Bags
rake load:databags
Listing all data bags
knife data bag list
List items in a Data Bag
knife data bag list users


Data Bags should normally not be edited or created with the knife command line client. The purpose of the Chef repository is to be the single authoritative source of information for the infrastructure. Always edit the data bag files and upload via rake load:databags.

External Resources

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