🤘 A collection of Alfred 3 workflows that will rock your world
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Alfred Workflows

A collection of Alfred 3 workflows that will rock your world.

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Download and open file using Alfred 3.

P.S.: You need to buy the Powerpack to use these workflows.


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Caffeinate (v3.03.0) ~ Download

Solves the problem of your computer constantly falling asleep by using OS X's native command line ~ by @shawnrice.

Triggers: caff.


Can I Use (v1.7.0) ~ Download

Search for browser compatibility support of HTML5, CSS3 and more using caniuse.com ~ by @willfarrell.

Triggers: caniuse.


Colors (v2.0.2) ~ Download

Convert HEX/RGB/HSL colors ~ by @TylerEich.

Triggers: #, rgb, hsl, c.


DevDocs (v1.0.2) ~ Download

Search through DevDocs documentations by filtering the keyword for each language/library ~ by @yannickglt.

Triggers: angular, coffeescript, css, d3, dom, dom_events, git, html, http, javascript, jquery, jqueryui, lodash, php, sass, backbone, c, cpp, chai, cordova, ember, express, go, grunt, haskell, jquerymobile, knockout, laravel, less, maxcdn, moment, node, postgresql, python, redis, requirejs, ruby, rails, sinon, underscore, yii.

devdocs-1 devdocs-2 devdocs-3

Domainr (v1.2.1) ~ Download

Find domains quickly using domai.nr's API ~ by @dingyi.

Triggers: domainr.


Emoji (v1.5.0) ~ Download

Search for Emojis used by Basecamp, GitHub, GitLab, Trello, and other services ~ by @carlosgaldino.

Triggers: emoji, emoji [alt key].


Encode/Decode (v1.8.0) ~ Download

Transform query strings through base64, html, url, and utf-8 encode/decode ~ by @willfarrell.

Triggers: encode, decode.


Faker (v1.0.0) ~ Download

Generate fake data such as name, email address, credit card number, etc ~ by @groenewege.

Triggers: faker, fakerlocale.


GitHub (v1.1.1) ~ Download

Easily open GitHub repositories and more in the browser ~ by @gharlan.

P.S.: You have to login before you can use the workflow: gh > login <user>.

Triggers: gh.

github-1 github-2 github-3

IP Address (v1.2.0) ~ Download

Shows your internal and external IP address ~ by @dferg.

Triggers: ip.


Kill Process (v1.2.0) ~ Download

Easily find processes by name and kill them ~ by @ngreenstein.

Triggers: kill.


Package Managers (v3.09.0) ~ Download

Quick package/plugin/component lookup for your favorite package managers ~ by @willfarrell.

Triggers: apt-get, apm, bower, brew, chef, cocoa, composer, docker, gems, gradle, grunt, gulp, hex, maven, npm, pear, puppet, pypi, raspbian, rpm, yo.

pm-1 pm-2

Source Tree (v1.2.0) ~ Download

List, search, and open Git repositories in Source Tree ~ by @zhaocai.

P.S.: Source Tree is a free external application, make sure to download it before start using this workflow.

Triggers: st, stbookmark.


Looking for another Git client? See Extra wiki.

Stack Overflow (v1.0.1) ~ Download

Search for a question on StackOverflow ~ by @xhinking.

Triggers: so.


Sublime Text (v1.1.0) ~ Download

Open files or a folders in Sublime Text 3 ~ by @franzheidl.

Triggers: subl, subl*.


Terminal → Finder (v1.6.0) ~ Download

Open current Finder (or Path Finder) window in Terminal (or iTerm) and vice versa ~ by @LeEnno.

Triggers: ft, tf, fi, if, pt, tp, pi, ip.

terminal-1 terminal-2

TimeZones (v1.7.0) ~ Download

Get an instant list of the current time in various cities around the world ~ by @CarlosNZ.

Triggers: tz.


VirtualBox (v2.0.1) ~ Download

Control your VirtualBox virtual machines ~ by @aiyodk.

P.S.: VirtualBox is a free external application, make sure to download it before start using this workflow.

Triggers: vm.



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