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DEPRECATED - Former Landing Pad for Zenoss Community Contributed ZenPacks
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Latest commit ec73644 @nyeates nyeates Merge pull request #19 from hellerda/IBMSystemxIMM_1.0.0
Ibm systemx imm 1.0.0
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ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.ASSP updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.AlliedTelsys Allied Telesys Switch 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Alvarion Alvarion Wireless 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Aruba Aruba Wireless 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Asterisk updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Asterisk16 Asterisk 1.6 version 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Colubris updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Exchange2007WMI WMI Exchange 2007 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Funkwerk Funkwerk Router Monitor 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Huawei ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Huawei
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Iomega Iomega NAS Server 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.LenovoRDThinkServer Lenovo ThinkServer 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.MRV MRV Wireless 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.MSIAS_RadiusServer MS IAS Radius Server 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Microtick Microtick Router 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Motorola Motorola Canopy 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Netasq Netasq Firewall 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Pfsense updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.Raytalk Raytalk Wireless 3.0
ZenPacks.AndreaConsadori.UbiquitiNanostation Renamed Ubiquity->Ubiquiti
ZenPacks.BlakeDrager.Bridgewave Bridgewave 1.1
ZenPacks.BlakeDrager.JuniperJSeries.Performance Juniper J-Series 1.0
ZenPacks.BlakeDrager.fping updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.DrD_Studios.BlueArc BlueArc Storage 1.0
ZenPacks.Ecocoms.OpenLayersMap Rollback of unwanted checkins
ZenPacks.Firestar.CiscoASA Removed extraneous XML from the end of CiscoASA's objects.xml
ZenPacks.HP.Proliant.MIBs Added to build cleanly
ZenPacks.Hyper.virtualMachines Hyper-V Server R2 0.1
ZenPacks.Imas.BlueCoat updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.Imas.SmsFunctions SMS Functions 1.0
ZenPacks.Ironport.PerformanceGraphs updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.Iwillfearnoevil.Domain Updating for zenoss 3.0
ZenPacks.Iwillfearnoevil.Powernet7930 Powernet/Masterswitch AP7930 1.0.2
ZenPacks.Iwillfearnoevil.Powernet9225 Powernet/Masterswitch AP9225 1.0.3
ZenPacks.Jcolon.NortelMibs Nortel Baystack and Passport MIBs 1.0
ZenPacks.Jcolon.NortelPassport Nortel Passport Switches 1.0
ZenPacks.JohnBeck.power.AP7841 APC AP7841 PDU 1.0
ZenPacks.Lais.Asterisk Asterisk SSH 0.2
ZenPacks.LearningObjects.PostgresqlMonitor added support for non-8.3 releases
ZenPacks.MJW.BarracudaMonitor BarracudaMonitor 1.0 fixed
ZenPacks.Nagios.CheckPing updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.Nova.Cisco.Catalyst CiscoCatalyst 1.0
ZenPacks.Nova.Cisco.Mibs CiscoMibs 1.1
ZenPacks.Nova.Collector.Tool Fixed a bug which would freeze the script
ZenPacks.Nova.UCDFileSystemMap UCDFileSystemMap 1.2
ZenPacks.Nova.Windows.SNMPPerfMonitor Windows SNMP Performance Monitor (Advanced) 1.6
ZenPacks.Nova.Windows.SNMPPerfMonitorSimple repackaging Windows SNMP Performance Monitor (Simple)
ZenPacks.OndrejJakubcik.OracleHwMonitoring OracleHwMonitoring 1.1
ZenPacks.Opengear.ConsoleServer Opengear Console Servers 1.0
ZenPacks.Opengear.MIBs Opengear MIBs 1.0
ZenPacks.PBnJSolutions.Barracuda.Watcher version bump
ZenPacks.Peak6JC.WeatherGoose WeatherGoose 1.0
ZenPacks.PlixerInternational.Scrutinizer Plixer Scrutinizer 1.2
ZenPacks.RomanTykhonov.OracleDB Oracle Database 2.0
ZenPacks.SCC.ShowGraphPortlet Add .gitignore files to empty dirs
ZenPacks.SLSMC.DragonWave DragonWave AirPair 1.0
ZenPacks.TijmenvandenBrink.JuniperIVE Juniper IVE 1.0
ZenPacks.TijmenvandenBrink.Riverbed Riverbed 1.0
ZenPacks.TwoNMS.PrinterMIB ZenPacks.TwoNMS.PrinterMIB 1.0
ZenPacks.Veritas.Netbackup Veritas Netbackup 1.0
ZenPacks.ZenSystems.ApcAts Base ZenSystems ZenPacks
ZenPacks.ZenSystems.ApcPdu Base ZenSystems ZenPacks
ZenPacks.ZenSystems.ApcUps Base ZenSystems ZenPacks
ZenPacks.ZenSystems.DellUps ZenPacks.ZenSystems.DellUps with /Power event class
ZenPacks.ZenSystems.Juniper Base ZenSystems ZenPacks
ZenPacks.ZenSystems.olsonPower ZenPacks.ZenSystems.olsonPower - updated objects.xml
ZenPacks.altea.SQLServer added dependency
ZenPacks.atrawog.Brocade Add .gitignore files to empty dirs
ZenPacks.chitambira.mgeUPS MGE UPS 1.1
ZenPacks.chudler.AlterPathCS updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.chudler.GoogleAppEngine Add missing skin for users to add and edit appengine datasources
ZenPacks.chudler.SentryCDU SentryCDU 1.1
ZenPacks.chudler.redis Redis 1.0.1
ZenPacks.chudler.xmppBot Update package data for xmppbot2.0 AIX SNMP 1.1 Availability Report per Collection Availability Per Group Report 1.0 Fixed path issue and renamed to proper spelling Cfengine 1.0 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs Cisco ASA VPN 1.1 Cisco Environmental Monitor 1.0 Version 1.2.1 : split of the main perf template to avoid EMC Clariion… New zClearComponentsInclude propertie added. Only listed components w… DellEqualLogicMon 1.1 Dell M1000e Blade Center 1.0 Dell Monitor 2.4 Dell SNMP Event Transforms 1.0 Distributed Collectors 1.7 1.1.0 Event Histogram 4.0 FDS 389 LDAP Servers 1.1 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs FormulaDataSource 1.4 Fortigate SNMP Monitor 1.2.1 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs Add .gitignore files to empty dirs manually clearing zCommandPath in objects.xml as an export seems to f… HP EVA Monitor 1.9 HP ProLiant Monitor 2.2 HP Printer Trap Transforms 1.0 updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2 HP Temperature Sensors 2.0 HPUX 2.2 IBM 3584 1.1 fix typo in ibmStatus commandParser 1.0.0 Pushing Changes from svn to git repo Juniper Netscreen Performance 1.0 LLDP link layer discovery modeller 2011-03-17 * version 1.1 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs MS SQL Server 64-bit SNMP 1.0 Mandriva Linux 1.0 Preparing to release version 1.2 Memcached_Template 1.0 MS SQL ODBC Database Monitor 3.1 set proper date and added version dependency MySQL ODBC Database Monitor 3.1 moved for local users devtypes property removed from Devices Classes /Devices/Server/NetWar… fixes for the Storage MIB and Device group NetWare 1.0 Netbotz 1.1 Netbotz RackBotz/WallBotz 1.0 Citrix Netscaler 1.0 nginx 1.0 updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2 remove extraneous files Add .gitignore files to empty dirs Oracle Monitor 1.0 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs * release 2.1 Point Threshold 1.1 PowerConnect 1.0 PredictiveThreshold_2.0 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs RDBMS Monitoring 2.1 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs SNMP Location Modeler 1.0 SQL Data Source 1.5 Splunk 1.1.1 SquidMon 1.0 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs Sun MIB Process Monitor 1.0 SwiftCM2 1.0 Tokyo Tyrant Data Source 1.0 Tru64 Unix 1.1 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs VMwareDataSource 1.0 VMware ESX SNMP 1.0 VMwareESXiMonitor1.2 fixes for the libexec location * Zenoss 3.0 support WBEM Data Source 2.10 WMI Data Source 2.11 updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2 Version 2.0.2 rollback to rev 309 Version 2.0.1 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs WMI Windows Performance 2.5 * fix parsing of empty values in isql output Add .gitignore files to empty dirs APC PDU Aggregate A/B Monitor 1.1 Advanced Device Details 2.5 updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2 0.82 Add .gitignore files to empty dirs pools/volumes work now 2.0 ZenPack for Zenoss 3.0 Support spaces in device class names, provide better showXML output. updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2 Puppet 1.21 Application Profiler 1.0
ZenPacks.dnalley.AMQPEventMonitor AMQP Event Monitor 1.0
ZenPacks.dnalley.VMwareESXi VMware ESXi 1.0
ZenPacks.example.Techniques Add .gitignore files to empty dirs
ZenPacks.fdeckert.myDeviceIssues Filtered Device Issues Portlet 1.0
ZenPacks.fdeckert.myeventviews Event Views Portlet 1.2
ZenPacks.fdeckert.reports Reports Portlet 1.2
ZenPacks.ipSLA.SLADevice IP-SLA 2.0.1
ZenPacks.jschroeder.GangliaMonitor Ganglia Monitor 1.0
ZenPacks.mcgov.IBMMQMonitor IBMMQMonitor1.2
ZenPacks.nerenther.XeroxPageCounts Added XeroxPageCounts ZenPack
ZenPacks.networking.HPProcurve updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.puzzle.VMReportXen Xen Virtual Machine Report 1.0
ZenPacks.skills1st.bridge Bridge MIB 1.0.3
ZenPacks.smbambling.ActiveDirectory deleting emacs backup
ZenPacks.sodonnell.MACReport MAC Addresses Report 1.0.1
ZenPacks.sodonnell.TransformReport Copyright added
ZenPacks.sodonnell.VMReport Copyright added
ZenPacks.synthetictransactions.SonnyStormes Synthetic Web Transactions 1.0
ZenPacks.turner.CiscoMDS Cisco MDS 1.2.2
ZenPacks.vaibhav.brocadeswitches updated all ZenPacks to depend on Zenoss 2.2
ZenPacks.vmware.VirtualMachines Fixed 2.5 loading issue, hard-coded path and sed bug
.gitignore adding .gitignore
COPYRIGHT.txt added individual COPYRIGHT.txt for ZenPacks, since copyright dates ma…
GNUmakefile Added support for make clean to empty out source directories.
LICENSE.txt Added LICENSE.txt and COPYRIGHT.txt to ZenPacks Properly formatted markdown README Rollback of unwanted checkins

Zenoss Community ZenPacks

This is the Git repository for the ZenPacks provided by the generous efforts of the Zenoss Community members. The canonical list of currently available ZenPacks is For a ZenPack to be listed there and included in this source tree, ZenPack developers will need to fill out the Contribution Form, allowing Zenoss to relicense the ZenPack under the GPL and possibly eventually include it in Zenoss. is also available for read-only Subversion access and Trac defect-tracking. Accounts are available by contacting The Git repository is periodically resynced back to the Subversion repository.

ZenPack Developer Resources

If you have any further questions, please contact

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