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import Globals
import logging
import glob
log = logging.getLogger('zen.xmppBot')
from Products.ZenUtils.ZCmdBase import ZCmdBase
from Products.AdvancedQuery import MatchGlob, Eq, Or
class ZenAdapter:
"""Thin wrapper for accessing and controlling parts of zenoss"""
def __init__(self):
"""I don't know a suitable way to get dmd, so
ask ZCmdBase for it.
# FIXME 09JUN09: This can have side-effects?
cmd = ZCmdBase(noopts = True)
self.dmd = cmd.dmd
self.evManager = self.dmd.ZenEventManager
self.stateMap = self.eventStates()
def userSettings(self):
return self.dmd.ZenUsers.getAllUserSettings()
def newEvents(self):
"""list of all events that are new"""
newState = self.stateMap['New']
allEvents =
return filter(lambda event: event.eventState == newState, allEvents)
def acknowledgedEvents(self):
"""list of all events that have been acknowledged"""
ackState = self.stateMap['Acknowledged']
allEvents =
return filter(lambda event: event.eventState == ackState, allEvents)
def ackEvents(self, user, eventsToAck):
"""Change list of events to acknowledged"""
self.dmd.ZenEventManager.manage_setEventStates(1, eventsToAck, user)
def events(self):
return self.evManager.getEventList()
def eventStates(self):
mapping = {}
for state, num in self.evManager.getEventStates():
mapping[state] = num
return mapping
def devices(self, name):
"""return managed devices from ip, name or mac address
taken from"""
zcatalog = self.dmd.Devices.deviceSearch
glob = name.rstrip('*') + '*'
glob = MatchGlob('id', glob)
query = Or(glob, Eq('getDeviceIp', name))
brains = zcatalog.evalAdvancedQuery(query)
brains += self.dmd.Networks.ipSearch.evalAdvancedQuery(glob)
return [ b.getObject() for b in brains ]
def loadDevice(self, **kw):
loader = self.dmd.DeviceLoader
return loader.loadDevice(**kw)