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Added fortinet mibs, event mapping for cpu threshold trap, event mapp…

…ing for model number that appeared to be superfluous

git-svn-id: db08cffe-75b9-45d1-af1a-46ad9ef135f6
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1 parent 41c6f70 commit a3ced5654856eb39a2a5c1167b11a842638c62c2 @nickanderson nickanderson committed Jul 13, 2010
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  2. +21,749 −0 ZenPacks/community/Fortigate/objects/objects.xml
2 .gitignore
@@ -1,2 +1,4 @@
21,749 ZenPacks/community/Fortigate/objects/objects.xml
21,749 additions, 0 deletions not shown because the diff is too large. Please use a local Git client to view these changes.

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