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This zenpack will do the following:
- Create a device class: /Devices/Server/ESX
- Apply a new FileSystem template to that class
- Add a libexec command to collect for the FileSystem template
- Add a new cmd collector plugin (VmwareEsxDf) and will be applied to the
device class
- Add all ESX related MIBS
So you can get all the VMFS filesystems of the esx server
Actions to take to get this zenpack to work:
Add the esx server to zenoss
once it is added please fill in the:
- zCommandPassword
- zCommandUsername
The VmwareEsxDf will model the filesystem using ssh
but for the performance I will use snmp.
(I don't want to ssh every 5 min to the ESX server)
so on the esx server edit the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and add:
exec . vdf /usr/sbin/vdf
The OID . is used by the FileSystem template
now restart the snmpd service on the ESX server:
/etc/init.d/snmpd restart
Now you are ready to remodel the device and the VMFS filesystems will be added
and after a few zencommand cycles you also will have the performance graphs
for the filesystem.
What needs to be done?
If someone is good eneugh at python it would be nice that:
FileSystem template and VmwareEsxDf uses the OID to
get what they want.