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This ZenPack is not to be used for any real purpose. It is a sandbox used to
demonstrate techniques that can be used when developing your own ZenPacks. Each
version of the ZenPack will have a new technique added to it, and this
README.txt file will be updated with some notes about the technique.

1.0.0: Adding a new top-level object to the DMD (Device Management Database)
There may be a reason for you to create your own top-level construct in the
dmd. This would be considered if your concept doesn't fit into any of the
existing top-level contructs such as Devices, Services, Processes, etc.

1.1.0: Adding a new property to an existing object type
This example demonstrates how you can extend existing object types to include
custom information.

1.2.0: Adding a custom graph report
This version adds a complex custom graph report that aggregates information
across an particular group of devices.

1.3.0: Adding a new tab to all devices
This version adds a new tab to all devices in the system. You can use the new
tab to display anything you want. This only demonstrates how to install the new

1.4.0: Extending the Device object and creating your own type of components
In this version we show how you can extend the base Device class to create a
new type of device that has its own special kind of components attached to it.