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ZenPacks.networking.HPProcurve ZenPack
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This ZenPack adds support for monitoring HP ProCurve switches.


The following features are provided:

  • CPU utilization monitoring.
  • Power supply status monitoring.
  • Fan status monitoring.
  • Event mappings for HP ProCurve SNMP traps.
  • Identification of HP ProCurve hardware model in product catalog.


Prerequisite Restriction
Zenoss Platform 2.2 or greater
Zenoss Processes zenperfsnmp, zentrap


The serial number from the modeler is not currently retrieved.



This ZenPack has no special installation considerations. You should install the most recent version of the ZenPack for the version of Zenoss you're running.

To install the ZenPack you must copy the .egg file to your Zenoss master server and run the following command as the zenoss user:

zenpack --install <filename.egg>

After installing you must restart Zenoss by running the following command as the zenoss user on your master Zenoss server:

zenoss restart

If you have distributed collectors you must also update them after installing the ZenPack.


This ZenPack requires standard Zenoss SNMP monitoring configuration. Use the following steps to configure Zenoss to monitor your HP ProCurve switches using SNMP.

  1. Verify that SNMP is enabled on the switch.
  2. Verify that the switch is configured to send SNMP traps to the address of one of your Zenoss collector servers.
  3. Verify that the switch's SNMP community string is in the zSnmpCommunities list for the the /Network/Switch/HP device class.
  4. Add your HP ProCurve switch(es) to the /Network/Switch/HP device class.


This ZenPack has no special removal considerations. To remove this ZenPack you must run the following command as the zenoss user on your master Zenoss server:

zenpack --remove ZenPacks.zenoss.SolarisMonitor

You must then restart the master Zenoss server by running the following command as the zenoss user:

zenoss restart
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