Adds a report that documents all installed monitoring templates.
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Installed Templates Report



+ Fixed PTRuntimeError in 4.2.5 (ZEN-24616)


+ Added ability to export Report to PDF


The ZenPack provides a report of all the Monitoring Templates installed in a Zenoss instance, drawing together many different attributes that are not otherwise found in a text format such as:

+ Template Name
+ Device Class
+ ZenPack Name
+ DataSources
+ Thresholds
+ Graph Definitions

The user has the ability to view the templates by sorting through Template Name, Device Class or ZenPack Name.

Requirements & Dependencies

+ Zenoss Versions Supported: 4.2.x and 5.0.x
+ External Dependencies: None
+ ZenPack Dependencies: None
+ Installation Notes: Restart zenhub and zopectl
+ Configuration:


No device clases or components are added.


+ Click Reports
+ Under Reports, expand Monitoring Capabilities Reports
+ Select Installed Templates to generate a report for all Templates in your Zenoss instance

ZenPack installation

Normal Installation (packaged egg)

Copy the downloaded .egg to your Zenoss server and run the following commands as the zenoss user::

zenpack --install <package.egg>
zenhub restart
zopectl restart

Developer Installation (link mode)

If you wish to further develop and possibly contribute back to this ZenPack you should clone the git repository, then install the ZenPack in developer mode::

zenpack --link --install <package.egg>
zenhub restart
zopectl restart

Sample Report

Alt text