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runkit_method_redefine() function with reflection and inheritance
<?php if(!extension_loaded("runkit") || !RUNKIT_FEATURE_MANIPULATION) print "skip";
if(version_compare(PHP_VERSION, '5.0.0', '<')) print "skip";
class RunkitClass {
function runkitMethod(RunkitClass $param) {
echo "Runkit Method\n";
class RunkitSubClass extends RunkitClass {}
$obj = new RunkitSubClass();
$reflClass = new ReflectionClass('RunkitSubClass');
$reflObject = new ReflectionObject($obj);
$reflMethod = new ReflectionMethod('RunkitSubClass', 'runkitMethod');
runkit_method_redefine('RunkitClass','runkitMethod', '', '');
$reflMethod->invoke($obj, $obj);
object(ReflectionMethod)#%d (2) {
string(28) "__method_removed_by_runkit__"
string(11) "RunkitClass"
Fatal error: RunkitClass::__method_removed_by_runkit__(): A method removed by runkit was somehow invoked in %s on line %d
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